West Circle Passport


This passport covers a return trip between Reykjavík and Akureyri, using bus 60/60a along the ring road and 610/610a along the Kjölur highland route, only accessible during summer time.
If you are thinking about travelling to Akureyri, this is the way to go!
The minimum travel time is 21 hours if you want to take the overnight trip to Akureyri and go through the Kjölur route back to Reykjavik. If you choose to do it that way there is no need to book accommodation in Akureyri as arrival time is 06:00 and departure again at 7:45. Of course you can take as long time as you want just as long as you finish on September 4th.
With this passport you enjoy all the regular freedom and flexibility with buses passing your destination every day. We recommend you take care of accommodations beforehand.
This passport will take you across the Kjölur inland route that goes right across the central highlands of Iceland. The vast remoteness and rugged terrain are the home to some of the most beautiful and amazing destinations in Iceland. Kerlingarfjöll is one of the most remote parts of Iceland, with epic landscape. It is one of our most popular stops along the 610/610a route. Between rivers you can find a geothermal area with hot springs and very good hiking trails. This passport also covers part of the Golden Circle. There you will see Gullfoss “Golden Falls” Iceland’s most famous visited waterfall and the Geysir hot spring area where Strokkur hot spring erupts every 5-8 minutes.



• Easy Traveling by bus
• West & North Iceland
• Travel through highlands of Iceland


• Sightseeing Iceland
• Kerlingafjöll
• Kjölur
• Golden Circle


Location: Reykjavík-Akureyri, Akureyri-Reykjavík
Season: 22nd of June – 4th of September
Operation: Every day

Pickup times & Arrivals

Arrival Time: 06:00
Departure Time: 07:45