Northern Lights Deluxe

Mini bus with Northern Lights in background
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  • Northern Lights (hopefully)
  • Small group tour
  • Photo shoot opportunities


Join us on a tour to hunt for the northern lights in a mini bus. When conditions are favorable we get ready to head out to catch the amazing Northern Lights. Small group experience with maximum of only 18 people on the bus. 

What to expect: We head in the direction where it's most likely we can see the Northern Lights, avoiding the light pollution of the city. Our guides will keep you accompanied with some facts about this amazing phenomena that is the Northern Lights. Since this might be a cold night so we bring along light refreshments for you in form of hot beverages and some Icelandic pastry. You'll also get some blankets to keep you warm during the wait for the lights. When tour is over we drop you off at your hotel/hostel/guesthouse.

Travel tip: Remember to bring your camera!


  • Winter
Duration: 4 hours


  • 2 out of 5 or Easy


  • Yes


  • 18:1
Price: ISK 10,900


  • Pickup
  • Guided mini bus tour
  • Hot beverages & pastry

What to bring:

  • Dress warmly
  • Hat & Gloves

Pickup times:

  • 20:30


  • 21:00


  • Every day

Good to know:

  • ✓ We decide after 17:00 every day if conditions are favorable to go on the tour.
  • ✓ The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon. Sightings cannot be guaranteed even if the tour is operated.
  • ✓ If no lights are seen, you are welcome to join our Northern lights bus tour for free on another night.
  • ✓ Pictures do not always reflect actual sightings.

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