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Landmannalaugar highlands trekking tour
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  • Landmannalaugar Highlands Paradise
  • Hiking Majestic Mountains
  • Stunning Lakes
  • Magnificent Volcanic Craters
  • Skaftafell National Park
  • Glacier Lagoon & Diamond Beach


You will climb kaleidoscopic mountains and gaze at crystalline lakes near Landmannalaugar before soaking in a natural hot spring. You will travel the highland roads of Fjallabak, see the enchanting vastness of Lake Langisjor from the top of Mt. Sveinstindur and hike through the canyon of Eldgjá. You will see hidden waterfalls in Skaftá river and the magnificent crater lakes at Lakagigar. Last but not least you will visit Skaftafell National Park and see Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.

Daily Itinerary:

  • Day 1

    Hiking: 3-4 hrs Ascent: 250m
    After gathering the group between 09-9.30 we drive through the southern part of Iceland turning inland past Mt. Hekla, Icelands most famous and feared volcano exploring hidden waterfalls at its feet. On our way from Hekla to Landmannalaugar we drive through recent lava fields following the old trails of farmers driving sheep for export to Reykjavík. We stop at a spectacular crater named Ljótipollur (Ugly pool) and Lake Frostastaðavatn along the way before reaching Landmannalaugar at midday. We will hike through the colourful gorge of Grænagil, climb to the top of Mt. Brennisteinsalda and roam around the grassy expanse of Vondugil searching for mini geysers and hot springs. Having enjoyed the multi-coloured scenery we will soak in the famous geothermal brook.

    Day 2

    Hiking: 5-6 hrs Ascent: 500m
    Leaving Landmannalaugar we drive east, past the still waters at Kylingar marshes, through the narrow valleys and canyons of Jökuldalir crossing many brooks and small rivers. Arriving at the magnificient lake Langisjor we will ascend the peak of Mt. Sveinstindur enjoying he views from the top over the bluish-green expanse of the 25 km long lake. Depending on weather we might also hike into the hidden valleys in Mt. Fögrufjöll following ancient sheeptrails to explore the area further. We will stay in a renovated sheep herders hut below Mt. Sveinstindur on the banks of the mighty Skaftá river overlooking mossy plains and lava fields and possibly take an evening walk along its banks.

    Day 3

    Hiking: 3-4 hrs Ascent: 300m
    Our first stop of the day will be in Eldgjá, a magnificient gorge or volcanic rift formed in a huge eruption in 930 AD. We will hike along the banks of the clear Nyrðri Ófæra river taking in its majestic falls as the the river plunges into the gorge. After enjoying the views from Mt. Gjátindur we head to Skælingar a hidden gem of a place where strange lava formations captivate the imagination. They are unique, formed when a huge lava pool suddenly drained. We will also visit Álftavatnskróka, an enclosed lush valley with crystalline mountain lakes, crossing the massive river of Syðri Ófæra on a natural lava bridge. We will spend the night in another sheep herders hut at Hólaskjól taking an evening stroll along the gorge of river Syðri Ófæra to see a miniature Gullfoss that is hidden there.

    Day 4

    Hiking: ~3 hrs Ascent: 250m
    We leave Hólaskjól and drive south along the banks of the mighty river Skaftá admiring its falls and rapids. After making a short stop in Kirkjubæjarklaustur we head into the mountains again to the Laki area taking road F-206. On our way we will stop by waterfall Fagrifoss and cross small and large rivers. The Skaftáreldar eruption in late eighteenth century is among the largest mixed eruptions on planet Earth in historical times. We will ascend Mt. Laki to take in the astounding views over the 25 km long row of Laki craters trying to envision 1000 mt high fountains of fire and destruction rising into the sky during the catastrophe. After the hike we head to Blagil, our accommodation, a herders hut far off the beaten track where we will stay for the night.

    Day 5

    Hiking: 5-6 hrs Ascent: 150m
    We start the day by exploring some unique craters in the lava driving along the edge of the lava. We will stop and make a 3-4 hrs hike to the canyons of the mighty river Skaftá to admire seldom seen waterfalls at Snagafoss where the river runs past Mt. Uxatindar. Getting back we will make a detour again to the row of craters, hiking to the famous Tjarnargígur craters considered most beautiful of them all. Then we will drive to the ringroad again and head east to our accommodation, where we will spend the night passing Jökulsárlon glacier lagoon on our way making a short stop to admire the setting sun reddening the massive icebergs.

    Day 6

    Hiking: ~2 - 3 hrs Ascent: 100m
    Starting out from Lambhus we head west making a leisurely stop at the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon with a possibility of a cruise on the lagoon, stopping at the so called Crystal Beach to frolic among the chunks of decades old glacier ice. We will stop at Skaftafell national park hiking up to the mesmerizingly beautiful Svartifoss waterfall plunging down between rows of black basalt columns. After crossing the desert of Skeiðarársandur we stop at Foss a Sidu waterfall, Kirkjubaejarklaustur village, village Vik, Reynisfjara black beach, Skogafoss waterfall and Seljalandsfoss waterfall before we reach Reykjavik.



  • Summer
Duration: 6 Days


  • Rated 3 out of 5 or Moderate


  • Yes


  • Maximum 14 participants
Price: ISK 190,000 ISK for adults


  • Transport
  • Guiding in English accommodation
  • Meals (from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 6)
  • Luggage transport from hut to hut

What to bring:

  • See recommended equipment list below

Equipment list:

  • Hiking boots, good sturdy boots with sufficient ankle support for walking on rough trails. They should have a robust sole and preferably be waterproof
  • Long sleeve top, thermal underwear made of wool or synthetics, not cotton
  • Rain jacket with a hood, preferably of breathable fabric such as Gore-tex or similar
  • Rain trousers, preferably of breathable fabric such as Gore-tex or similar
  • Gloves and mittens, one pair each (wool or synthetic)
  • Hiking socks, wool or synthetic, 2-3 pairs
  • Warm hat and/or balaclava
  • Backpack 25-40 L, River shoes, old sneakers or similar for fording rivers
  • Travel sack for your baggage that is transported between huts. Suitcases are not recommended.
  • Sleeping bag and travel pillow
  • Towel, tooth brush and personal toiletries
  • Ear plugs, Book, Headlamp for trips in late season, after August 10th
  • Hiking poles, Gaiters, Water Bottle, Sunglasses/sunscreen
  • Pen knife, Camera, batteries, memory card

Pickup times:

  • 9:00 AM


  • 09:30 AM


  • Tuesdays


  • Luggage storage - ISK 3,000 p. pers.
  • Rent a sleeping bag - ISK 5,000 p. pers.
  • Rent hiking boots - ISK 5,000 p. pers.
  • Special diet (EI77) - ISK 9,000 p. pers.

Good to know:

  • We will travel in a 4x4 minibus carrying our food and luggage. Be prepared to hike 3-6 hrs every day. Accommodation: Dormitory in mountain huts with single and double bunks (you might have to share a bunk with your fellow travellers). All the huts have gas stoves and some have hot water.

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