Glo food


Glo is the most popular choice among healthy consumers in Reykjavik, with three locations on greater Reykjavik area and one in Kopavogur. Glo offers selection of healthy dishes with emphasis on raw food and slow cooking methods. The menu varies from every week, but you can always find some fixed courses on the menu too. Glo recently added a new concept to their business model - Glo street food, where you can make your own bowl of ingredients starting by choosing fundamentals, then salad, finishing with a protein of choice and topping of with a dressing to your liking. Glo street food is only available at establishments in Engjateigur and Fákafen. Glo also serves delicious desserts and cakes and lately their “bulletproof” café has become a vast success among the locals. Glo re-brands and sells their product for market and wide selection of Glo supplies are sold in stores & supermarkets in Iceland.  

Location: Laugavegur 20b, Fákafen 11, Engjateigur 19, Hædarsmari 6
Opening hours: Every day from 09:00-21:00


Delicious raw and slow cooked food at Gló

Kryddlegin Hjörtu

Kryddlegin hjörtu is notorious for it’s delicious soups and salads but also has “la carte” menu with fish, lasagne or meat choices. The name “Kryddlegin hjörtu” or “Seasoned hearts”  is a reference to an old Mexican movie “Como Agua Para Chocolate” which became a big hit in Iceland in the early nineties. It’s a passionate story about how food can affect your senses if you put your heart and soul into preparing it - a mantra which the restaurant is dedicated to.  Kryddlegin hjörtu is famous for it’s daily soup & salad buffet, usually there are three kind of gourmet soups served, the salad bar is well-supplied and you can also have a taste of homemade spelt bread. The restaurant has an eastern influence and vibe with a relaxed and homely atmosphere.  

Location: Hverfisgata 33
Opening hours: Every day from 11:30 - 14:30, 17:00 - 21:00

Salad bar at Kryddlegin Hjörtu

Kaffi Vinyl

Kaffi vinyl is a bar/café on Hverfisgata which also offers light vegan food. The café is quite convenient and cozy with raw and retro aspects and laidback atmosphere. Their menu varies, but mostly they offer variation of sandwiches, noodles, soups and veggie lasagne. Vinyl has a small corner with couple of vinyl players - where you can listen to records and/or buy them. The collection consists of everything from indie & electronic to classic and modern.  

Location: Hverfisgata 76
Opening hours: Every day from 08:00-23:00

Vegan burger at kaffi Vinyl


Fresco is a salad bar based on Sudurlandsbraut - close to Nordica Hilton Hotel. The menu is quite diverse with several options of salad bowls.  There are classic choices like; tex mex, caesar or greek on the menu along with other variations. If you don’t find what you are looking for you can always create your own bowl. Fresco offers many different dressings to go with your salad. Ingredients are fresh and up to date.    

Location: Sudurlandsbraut 4, Sudurlandsbraut 48
Opening hours: Every day from 11:00-21:00

Fresco Salad Bar


Krúska is a cozy restaurant with with relaxed atmosphere, delivering homemade-like food, focusing on nutritious and healthy courses. There are regularly chicken, vegetables courses, wraps, soups or salads listed on the menu.They also offer homemade cakes and coffee for dessert. Vegan friendly.

Location: Suðurlandsbraut 12
Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 11:00-21:00

Kruska Restaurant


Bergsson is a popular choice for breakfast, lunch or brunch, offering fresh tasty food with emphasis on healthy and nutritious ingredients. Bergsson is considered vegan and vegetarian friendly offering salads and at least one or more vegan option on the menu every day. With two locations, downtown near the Icelandic parliament Templarasund 3 (Bergsson mathús) and by Grandi harbour area at Grandagarður 16 (Bergsson RE), Bergsson is an ideal stop for a bite while exploring the downtown greater area.

Location: Bergsson Mathús - Templarasund 3, Bergsson RE - Grandagarður 16
Opening hours: Bergsson Mathús - Mon-Sun 07:00-22:00, Bergsson RE - Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00 

Brunch at Bergsson
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