Newly baked breads


Opening in 1920, Sandholt is one of the oldest bakeries in Reykjavik. Sandholt is a fifth generation family business, with strong tradition in the bread & cake industry in Iceland, delivering quality products for years and presumably years to come. The head baker, Ásgeir Sandholt, has numerous awards - for pastry and chocolate, both in domestic and international competitions. Sandholt has it’s own café in a side room if you want to enjoy your delicatess with a warm cup of coffee. In addition selling high quality breads, rolls and sweets, Sandholt also offers soups, sandwiches and salads. The bakery is renowned for it’s sourdough bread’s (we highly recommend the pumpkin bread). Sandholt bakery deserves all it’s compliments, it just does not go wrong.

Location: Laugavegur 36
Opening hours: Every day from 07:00 -21:00

Sandholt bakery sourdough bread

Braud og co.

Braud and co. opened in mars 2016. Despite being in business for little more than a year, Braud and co. has enjoyed a huge success and is already one of the most popular bakery in Reykjavik. It fills up quite early during weekends, forming a line of prospering customers into the street. Braud and co. specializes in sourdough breads and offers three types - Corn, Øland and Rye bread. They carefully selects all it’s ingredient using only organic material. The bakery also makes delicious pastry, the cinnamon rolls are the best in Reykjavik - get them early while they are still warm.

Location: Frakkarstigur 16, Fakafen 11, Hlemmur mathöll
Opening hours: Weekdays, early-18:00, weekends, early-17:00

Cinnamon rolls from Brauð og co bakery

Bakari Mosfellsbaejar

This bakery is located in Mosfellsbaer - a small town just outside Reykjavik. The high quality bakery offers broad selection of delicious sandwiches, bread, cake and pastry, but you can also have café or enjoy some soup. The place is casual and quite spacious. It’s also an ideal stop to pick up some lunch on your way to the Golden Circle or mountain Esja, since it’s on route. The prices are reasonable compared to some of the other local bakeries in Reykjavik. Mosfellsbakari now also has a branch in Reykjavik at Haaleitisbraut 58-60, not far from Kringlan mall.

Location: Haholt 13-15, Haleitisbraut 68-60
Opening hours: Weekdays from 07:00-18:00, weekends from 08:00-16:00

Mosfellsbakari bakery in Reykjavik

Passion Bakery

Passion is located Laugardalur, about 10 minutes walk from Laugardalslaug swimming pool. They offer wide selection of tasty breads and sweets, and have a café facility hangout. Good for a bite if you’re located in the area and would like to have something flavorsome or maybe taste one of their yummy sandwiches.

Location: Álfheimar 6
Opening hours: from 09:00-16:00

Passion bakery in Iceland