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Austur is one of the hottest places if your looking for a mainstream night club to go for drinks and dance the night away. The upbeat and glossy atmosphere club has been beloved among glamorous jetsetters since it’s opening day’s in 2009. It’s also one of the bigger venues in Reykjavik for a night on the town. Austur offers VIP “bottles” for drinks and more exclusive privacy. It does not come cheap though!

Location: Austurstræti 7

Austur night club in Reykjavik

Jacobsen Loftið

Jacobsen Loftið is a modernly designed cocktail and lounge bar that used to be a clothing store back in the late nineties. Come Friday and Saturday nights Jakobsen Loftið draws big crowds of posh party seekers, generally appealing more to people in their forties. Usually there’s a DJ playing a mixture between easy listening, house or soft techno. Jacobsen Loftið is one of few places in Reykjavik that enforces a dress code - so you might not qualify for entrance if you’re wearing sweater and sneakers.

Location: Austurstræti 9

Jacobsen loftið lounge club


B5 is popular venue for people in their early thirties. The club tends to get very busy during weekends - forming crowds of party excited youngsters. The main area turns into a big dance floor where local dj’s play everything from commercial pop to R’nb and HipHop. If you’re looking for more privacy there’s a VIP backroom in the basement (actually an old vault since the establishment used to be a bank). To get access you’ll have to buy a bottle of choice on the menu.

Location: Bankastræti 5

B5 night club in Reykjavik