Lamb dishes at Lækjarbrekka restaurant


Dill is the first Icelandic restaurant ever to receive a Michelin star. The restaurant earned the distinctive honor last February this year (2017). Dill has been chosen the best restaurant in Iceland on many occasions before, for example by the White Guide Nordic & Nordic Price. Dill builds on Icelandic tradition and Nordic ideology and proud's itself to only use the purest ingredients there is. Dill is a small restaurant, seating only 20-30 people. Surroundings are raw, with mixture of cold and warm features. You’ll have to make bookings timely in advance, since there’s about two month waiting list.

Location: Hverfisgata 12 (entrance from Ingólfsstræti)
Reservations: or by calling +354 552-1522

inside Dill restaurant

Food Cellar

The Food Cellar is located in a 160 year old renovated building in the center of Reykjavik. The menu is a mixture of Icelandic brasserie style, offering seafood and meat - mainly lamb and beef. The place is also known for their selection of fine cocktails. You are able to enjoy live music while dining, coming from their old mahogany piano - made in 1880 by Bösendorfer Company in Vienna. The Food Cellar has a “secret menu” option; described as a journey of surprises.

Location: Aðalstræti 2
Reservations: On website, by e-mail: or by telephone +354 558-0000

Food cellar restaurant

The Fish Market / Grill Market

The Fish market is a restaurant downtown Reykjavik, owned by Hrefna Rós Sætran, the most recognized female chef in Iceland. It primarily offers various sea dishes and sushi but has some meat options on the menu as well. It is a modish restaurant with eastern nuances both in food and design - decor is smart and modern. The fish market has various cocktails among refreshments, ranging from classic cocktails like cosmopolitans, manhattans and mojitos to more experimental ones; including rhubarb and jalapeno choices. Hrefna also operates the Grill Market, in Lækjargata,  where main focus is on Icelandic meat gourmets, products coming directly from farm. The Grill market is a two floor restaurant with a spacious cellar. The interior is inspired by Icelandic nature; lava, natural wood and fish skin are part of the decoration.  

Location: Fish Market in Aðalstræti 12 and Grill Market in Lækjargata 2A
Website: and
Reservations: Fish Market:
Grill Market:

Fish market restaurant
Grill market restaurant


Lækjarbrekka is situated in one of the oldest buildings in Reykjavik, originally built as a dwelling house by the danish merchant P.C Knutzon. The house was reconstructed in 1981 and has been operated as a restaurant ever since. Lækjarbrekka specializes in Scandinavian cuisine, presenting minimal meat and fish courses. Atmosphere is cozy and romantic, you can feel the building has a lot of history which makes the experience even more special.     

Location: Bankastræti 2
Reservations: On website or by calling +354 551-4430

Lækjarbrekka restaurant


Over the years Grillið has been considered one of the most renowned fine & dine restaurants in Reykjavik. The restaurant is located at Hotel Saga in Hagatorg, Reykjavik west side area. Grillið is positioned on the 8th floor of the building with stunning panoramic views over Reykjavik city - reaching out to sea and nearby mountains. Grillið is a contemporary Scandinavian fusion kitchen where menu is updated on regular basis - based on quality and freshness of available ingredients.  

Location: Hotel Saga, Hagatorg
Reservations: On website, by e-mailing: or by telephone +354 525-9960

Grillið restaurant at hotel Saga


Apótekið Kitchen - bar is located at one of the best spots downtown Reykjavík - on corner of Austurstræti. The building, that used to be a pharmacy (from 1930-1999), was designed by Guðjón Samúelsson (1887-1950) who was the first educated architect in Iceland and became the state architect of Iceland. The menu is a mix of Icelandic and European cuisine with touch of smoking hot Argentinan grill. Surroundings are stylish and modern with vibrant atmosphere.

Location: Austurstræti 16
Reservations: or by calling +354 551-0011

Group of chefs at Apotekið restaurant

Gallery Restaurant

The Gallery Restaurant at Hotel Holt has been one of the most renowned restaurants in Iceland for decades. The cuisine is inspired by French tradition with quality Icelandic  ingredients including various seafood and organic lamb dishes. The restaurant is famous for it’s extensive wine selection and vintage wines - having over 4000 products available in the cellar. The interior is classic and elegant with Icelandic art surrounding the dining room, lounge and hallways. The bar offers first class selection of single malt wisky, cognac and cocktails testifying for the high quality what this place is all about.  

Location: Bergstaðarstræti 37, Hotel Holt
Reservations: On website, by e-mailing: or by telephone +354 552-5700

Hotel Gallery restaurant

Fish Company

Fish Company is placed in a cellar of the old Zimzen house, originally built in 1884 in Hafnarstræti but relocated to Vesturgata in 2008. The restaurant is influenced by Nordic fusion, with Icelandic characteristics, but also mixing ingredients and features from various parts of the world in the mix. The decorations are vintage and raw - marked by stone walls, wooden beams and retro furniture.

Location: Vesturgata 2A
Reservations: On website, by e-mailing: or by telephone +354 552-5300  

Fish company restaurant
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