Coocoo's nest restaurant in Reykjavik

Cooco’s nest

The Coocoo’s is a small place that seats around 30 people, located on Grandi - nearby Reykjavik harbor. There’s been a lot of development in the area recent years - which mainly consists of old fishing stations that have been renovated for modern businesses and Coocoo‘s nest has become an essential part of the flora. The menu includes brunch, deli, tacos,  italian and fine dining. The brunch is served during weekends from 11:00-16:00. Among courses on the menu are; egg & bacon, egg’s florentine, coocoo’s nest omelette, steak & and eggs and blueberry pancakes. Overall we believe it to be the one of the best brunch in Reykjavik. Due to it’s popularity you might have to wait a moment for tables during rush hours.

Location: Grandagarður 23

egg florentine brunch at coocoo's nest


Snap’s bistro is one of the most popular restaurants in Reykjavik. Centrally located downtown in the same building as hotel Óðinsvé, Ódinstorgi. Snaps atmosphere is usually very lively. It’s a nice place to meet and hang out - for lunch & dinner or just for a couple of drinks at the bar. The brunch is served during weekends from 11:00-16:00. Among courses on the menu are ; egg benedict, brioche french toast w/bacon, omelette, avocado toast. Good quality and recommended for groups.

Location: Óðinstorg

Brunch at Snaps


Vox is located at Hotel Nordica. It’s a fine dining restaurant that also serves brunch buffet during weekends, from 11:30-14.00 on Saturday’s and 11:30-15:00 on Sunday’s. The buffet offer’s variety of dishes, including; egg and bacon, scrambled eggs, vegan choices, pancakes, toasts, fruits and more. The price is 4.200 ISK per person, but children from 6-12 years old get 50% discount and it’s free for children under 5 years old. If you have a big appetite we recommend checking out Vox.

Location: Suðurlandsbraut 2

Vox brunch buffet

Grái kötturinn

Grái kötturinn or the “Gray cat”  is a small place that has been around since last century. It’s known to be a popular among artists, writers and actors. It’s a small and cozy place with bookshelves covering most of the interior - so you can grab a book to read if you get tired of browsing your phone. Opening hours are from 07:30-15:00, 7 days a week. The Gray cat serves the traditional English breakfast, but you can have American style pancakes as well. Good food and the surroundings are quite unique.

Location: Hverfisgata 16A

Grái kötturinn brunch


Prikid is a popular hangout amongst the younger generation. Prikid serves breakfast & brunch every day - the menu mainly consists of traditional brunch with; egg & bacon, scrambled eggs, toast & pancakes. The price is reasonable compared with many other places in Reykjavik. Good way to start the day after a night on the town.

Location: Bankastræti 12

Prikið brunch
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